14 Places to Visit in Northern Manitoba

Planning a trip to Northern Manitoba? Get ready for an adventure above the 53rd parallel! I’ve got 14 amazing places you can’t miss on your trip. From waterfalls to Precambrian shields, and from lakes to wildlife, you can see it all and discover even more. Northern Manitoba offers a diverse range of activities, from hiking and camping to fishing, ensuring there’s something for every nature lover and outdoor enthusiast. So, buckle up and let’s embark on a journey through these breathtaking destinations that will make your Northern Manitoba trip truly unforgettable!

1. Paint Lake

Paint Lake, nestled within the picturesque Paint Lake Provincial Park, is a breathtaking oasis with its tranquil waters dotted by numerous islands, all set against the rugged backdrop of the Precambrian Shield. Its pristine beauty makes it an idyllic destination for nature enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of outdoor activities, from camping under the starry skies to casting a line for fishing enthusiasts, and exploring the lush surroundings with invigorating hikes. Consider this the ultimate nature getaway.

2. Pisew Falls

A visit to Pisew Falls Provincial Park is an absolute must see up north. A lovely short trail will take you to Pisew Falls, here you’ll see the Grass River plunge over 13 metre drop, making it Manitoba’s second highest waterfall. Along the trail, you’ll follow a boardwalk that will take you to a couple viewing points, offering stunning views of these falls.

3. Kwasitchewan Falls

Also located in Pisew Falls Provincial Park, is the Kwasitchewan Falls hiking trail. Nearly 30km hike in some of the most rugged and challenging terrain in Manitoba, will take you to Manitoba’s highest waterfall. Check out my blog post for more details on this hike!

4. Rotary Suspension Bridge

About 200 metres from the Kwasitchewan Falls trailhead, you will reach the impressive Rotary Suspension Bridge, in Pisew Falls Provincial Park. The suspension bridge stretches 153 feet across the Grass River. Constructed between 1996 and 1997, this remarkable bridge stands as a testament to the collective efforts of numerous individuals, business, and groups. It is definitely worth visiting, even if you don’t plan on hiking the entire Kwasitchewan Trail.

5. Wekusko Falls

Another lovely spot to visit and explore, whether you’re camping, hiking or fishing at Wekusko Falls Provincial Park. Within walking distance from the campground, you can visit Wekusko Falls, where the Grass River plunges almost 12 metres through a series of falls and rapids. Walk along the trail and the 2 suspension bridges and witness this beauty!

6. Ted Taylor and Snowball’s Trail

Located at Herb Lake Landing, it’s a 30 minute drive from Wekusko Provincial Park. Ted Taylor and Snowball’s Trail is a short and steep trail, offering amazing views of Wekusko Lake. Here you can hike along the cliffs. The cliffs’ height suggest that they were once part of Lake Agassiz’s northern shoreline 13, 000 years ago.

7. Karst Spring

Located in Grass River Provincial Park, is the wonderful trail of Karst Spring. Halfway along this trail, you’ll find Karst Spring, where a steam of water surges out from sedimentary rock cliff.

8. Bakers Narrows Scenic Tower

If you want 360 views of the lake, forest and rocks, this is the trail for you. The trail is in Bakers Narrows Provincial Park, it’s short and sweet, and takes you up a scenic tower. This area is particularly rich with history of the fur trade era.

9. Flinty’s Boardwalk

Perhaps one of my new favourite trails, it takes you along Ross Lakes with views of Flin Flon, a town built on rocks. Make sure to stop at Mike’s Ice N Burger Hut for a post walk treat.

10. Clearwater Lake

Clearwater Lake is known for its crystal clear waters and tropical blue hue, you won’t believe you’re still in Manitoba. Clearwater Lake Provincial Park offers so much for outdoor enthusiast, such as two campgrounds, fishing opportunities and hiking trails.

11. The Caves

A unique spot to explore in Clearwater Lake Provincial Park. These are not trues caves, but rather deep crevices that formed when rock masses split away from shoreline cliffs.

12. Little Limestone Lake

This lake is known as the largest and most vibrant marl lake in the world. Please be respectful of Mosakahiken Cree Nation AND THE LAKE. Camping is only allowed with permission from MCN. I recommend stopping for the day!

13. Baldy Mountain

Although this is located below the 53rd parallel, it’s a must see in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Here you can walk up the scenic tower and stand at the highest peak in Manitoba. The elevation here is 832m.

14. Blue Lakes

Another must see in Duck Mountain Provincial Park, Blue Lakes is known for its crystal-clear waters that cater to various activities such as beach relaxation, fishing, hiking and kayaking. Make sure to hike Blue Lakes trail to explore East and West Blue Lake.

As we conclude this adventure through Northern Manitoba’s 14 must-visit stops, I hope this blog has sparked a sense of wanderlust within you. Whether you call Manitoba home or are visiting from afar, this remarkable region offers a treasure trove of natural wonders waiting to be explore. So pack your bags, embrace the spirit of adventure, and get ready to make unforgettable memories above the 53rd parallel!

Happy Adventuring!

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