Weekend Getaway at Spruce Woods

Back in September 2021, I went on a weekend getaway at Spruce Woods Provincial Park. I had camped there as a kid with my parents, however had no memory of it. I was excited to re-visit and explore the park.

Here’s everything I did while my stay at Spruce Woods Provincial Park!

Stay at a Yurt

Kiche-Manitou Campground is located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba. There are basic and electric sites, as well as some yurts. Yurts are a roofed accommodation that can be booked online at Manitoba Parks Reservation Service (more details on Yurts). Some key features of the yurt: skylight dome, electricity, heating and sleeps 5. You only need to bring bed linens/sleeping bags, pillows and your cooking gear/utensils. This was the perfect home-base for the weekend.

Dine in at Bison General

On the way to or from Spruce Woods, make a stop at Bison General in MacGregor to have a meal. Let me tell you, their food and staff are amazing! They have several dairy-free & gluten-free options. My partner and I shared the Thai Noodles, Roasted Cauliflower, Cashew and Arugulas, as well as the Chicken Pesto. They also have a large selection of gift items, including many Made-In-Manitoba products. From BBQ sauces, to fresh vegetables, and various sauces – they had so many goodies. We love popcorn, so we opted to get popcorn kernels from Amish Country. The perfect place to make a stop!

Local Meats & Groceries

Need to pick up some last minute groceries? Make a quick stop at Meyers Meats in Carberry. They have everything you may need! Here we got some snacks and bought some pre-seasoned pork chops for dinner (spoiler alert, they were delicious).

Visit Sara the Camel

Glenboro is near some of the hiking trails of Spruce Woods, and is a good place to stop to rest your legs. Fill up on gas and buy some firewood here as well. While you’re there, say hi to Sara the Camel! Fun fact, she stands 17′ tall and weighs over 2000 lbs.

Hike the Many Trails

We opted for some new trails we hadn’t done before and did we ever love them! Hogsback Hiking Trail (1.0km), is the perfect low effort, high reward trail. I do need to warn you that the drive to this trail is on a narrow gravel road, however this easily became one of my favourite trails. You get views of the Assiniboine Valley, while hiking along the sandy ridge.

Steel’s Ferry Overlook & Spring Ridge Self-guiding Trail (1.1km), did not disappoint, and is near the campground. Expect breathtaking views of valleys, streams, gullies and ridges.

Isputinaw Self-guiding Trail (1.4km) is located right in the campground. This short hike crosses a marsh, a trickling stream and then rises more than 30 metres to scenic views of Assiniboine Valley. Let me tell you, the fall colours are here, this made it extra special!

I hope this will encourage you to come visit this section of Manitoba! I recommend going in the fall time, as you’ll be greeted by the beautiful fall foliage colours.

Happy Adventuring!

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