What Clothing you should bring for your next Backcountry Adventure

Now packing clothing for the backcountry is still something I’m learning how to do. I’m known for overpacking, so this makes it quite the challenge when it comes to packing when you’re trying to pack light and efficiently. I’ve learned that you really only need the basics. You really don’t need much.

So you’ve got your trip planned, what clothing do you bring? I’ll let you know what I brought for a 4 day/3 night backpacking trip and explain how I was able to pack light. I’ll add, I went in the summer time, and managed to pack less as I didn’t need to worry about layers or the cold.

You can also use this guide as a reference for an overnight trip as well!


I recommend a merino material, as it’s more breathable and will provide comfort for your trip. I only bring 1, wear it during the day and remove it at night, and to let it air dry.


I’m the type to bring 1 underwear per day. This will really be up to you. Packing less underwear is not something I’m willing to sacrifice! I have heard some people will bring two to rotate through them, meaning they’ll wear one, and the other one will be washed to dry, typically hung on your pack throughout the day.

Tank Top or T-Shirt

This will depend not he weather, as well as will it be sunny? Do I want to have sun protection? I opted to bring a t-shirt, offers more sun protection. Again, I choose a merino material, as it’s quick drying and does well when sweating.

Shorts or Pants

I’m more of a shorts kind of gal. That’s my preference. On this trip, I did actually bring both shorts and pants. I did not wear the pants as it was extremely hot, however certainly would have if it got colder. You can also wear leggings if that is something you prefer.


I saw always bring 2 pairs of socks. One to wear, and the other one to alternate. If your socks are wet, switch them. I also bring 1 pair of toe socks to prevent blisters.

Fleece Sweater

Now I only wore a fleece at the campsite at night, this kept me warm and cozy after a long day. This will also depend if it’s colder during the day. It’s always good to have a warm layer.

Sleep Attire

I slept in a merino long sleeve and legging. It was honestly so cozy and kept me warm throughout the night, but not overly hot.


Now the next items will depend on the weather and your preferences. Is it cold, is it going to rain, will wind be a factor? Many questions to ask yourself! I did not include shoes in this list, so either bring hiking shoes or trail runners. I also love packing some sandals to wear at camp. These are some extra items you want to consider bringing:

  • rain jacket
  • puffy jacket
  • gloves
  • tuque
  • baseball cap or sun hat

Hopefully with this information, you’ll be ready for your next backcountry trip!

Happy Adventuring!

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